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Unleash Off-Road Dominance with Tosaver’s Hardcore Full Body Kit for the 1997-2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Tosaver presents a meticulously designed hardcore full body kit tailored specifically for the 1997-2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Front and back bumpers, grille assembly, headlights, hood, mesh inserts, wheel arches, and a rear bumper with combo lights are all included in this extensive kit. Made from high-quality PP+ABS materials, this body package represents the G-Class’s legendary status as the ultimate conqueror and guarantees perfect fitment and original design.

Impeccable Design and Durability

They have meticulously engineered the hardcore full body kit to meet the highest standards of design and durability. Each component, from the front bumper to the rear bumper, is crafted with precision using premium PP+ABS materials. This ensures impeccable fitment, exceptional durability, and protection, allowing you to embrace the spirit of adventure and conquer any terrain with confidence and style.

Embrace the Eternal Legacy

With Tosaver’s hardcore off-road body kit, you can embrace the eternal legacy of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Designed to enhance the iconic appearance of the G-Class, this kit channels the spirit of the ultimate conqueror. From the aggressive front bumper to the rugged wheel arches, each component is meticulously crafted to elevate your G-Class to new heights of off-road dominance. Traverse any terrain with confidence and style, and become a part of the G-Class’s untamed spirit and eternal legend.


Tosaver’s hardcore full body kit for the 1997-2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class captures the essence of off-road dominance. This kit, made of premium PP+ABS materials, provides flawless fitment, innovative design, and exceptional durability. Embrace the spirit of adventure as you conquer any terrain with confidence and style in your G-Class. Unleash the G-Class’s untamed spirit and become a part of its eternal legacy. With Tosaver’s hardcore full body kit, you’ll be ready to embrace off-road dominance.

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