Top 3 Digital Healthcare Solutions to Enhance Workflows and Patient Care

Healthcare is constantly changing. It faces new challenges such as rising costs and increased patient demand. This forces healthcare providers to make critical decisions. As the world confronts the COVID-19 public health crisis, this urgency has grown exponentially.

Healthcare providers have many options to improve their care, increase efficiency and create a better patient experience. Healthcare IT solutions are being adopted by more providers to improve patient outcomes, streamline workflows and manage populations more effectively.

This article will discuss the top digital health solutions providers should consider to provide high-quality care. It also addresses the new needs for self-managed care.

Digital Healthcare IT Solutions — A Frontier for Progress

Healthcare providers must be informed about the most recent healthcare IT solutions to improve patient care and outcomes. These solutions can have a significant impact on patients’ decisions about who they choose to see.

1. Telehealth and remote patient monitoring applications

Telehealth services are a trusted source for informed care. Telehealth services allow patients to access the care and treatment they need whenever they want it. Patients don’t have to endure long commutes, wait lines, or spend extra time and money to get in-person appointments.

Telehealth services, on the other hand, allow doctors to lower their overhead costs, avoid illness and infection, and improve patient satisfaction. The best telehealth apps for improving clinical workflows are an integral part of the digital healthcare technology.

2. AI and Analytics for Clinical Trial Research and Health Data Management

Strong data analysis and fast execution are essential for improving healthcare delivery and patient experiences. Intelligent health data analytics, which uses large amounts of patient information generated by hospitals and medical research, has emerged from the convergence of AI with big data.

This allows for better clinical decision-making and early detection of potential dangers. This results in fewer in-person visits to the doctor. Smart predictive analytics powered by AI also helps healthcare providers deliver precise results and reduce the time and cost of clinical trials.

3. Smart Asset Tracking is possible with RFID and IOT

Radio-frequency identification (or RFID) is another healthcare IT solution that is driving innovation in the healthcare sector. This solution allows for critical real-time visibility of tagged assets such as specimens or equipment, which reduces the time it takes to find them.

RFID solutions can be embedded in different healthcare facilities to track real-time visibility of inventory and equipment as well as people within the hospital. It has many major uses, including:

  • Tracking of staff and patients
  • Surgical tools
  • Inventory tracking
  • Asset tracking

RFID tags are used in healthcare facilities to identify everything, from patient wristbands to medication and lifesaving equipment. A physician’s ability and ability to quickly respond to an emergency can be greatly improved by having tagged inventory.

This transparency is also helpful in decommissioning damaged or expired inventory, and helping to account for uncollected medications. These technology platforms allow for interoperable data to enable real-time health decisions and to ensure the success of all efforts, regardless of where or when they are delivered.


Healthcare organizations no longer consider digital a competitive advantage. Providers must adapt to new technologies in order to stay competitive and meet a variety of new challenges.

The latest IT solutions in the healthcare industry will allow you to offer digital healthcare services. This will help you to be more sustainable and give your organization a competitive edge.

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