How to Choose the Best Transportation Service

Regular transits are usually repeated by companies or are similar enough that they can be solved with their most popular transport services. When we need to ship a new type or rethink our existing shipments, we see how overwhelming it can be. It can become difficult to choose the right transport service.

What to pay attention to for your transport services

These shipping characteristics will help you decide which transport service is best for each occasion. These are just a few of the variables you need to understand:

Location of the recipient

Everyone has the question of where to send it. Are all transport options available to reach the destination? It makes sense that an airport, station or port is important in order to assess its suitability for various modes of transport, such as rail, aircraft or ivf courier services.

This principle is also applicable to small-scale operations. We need to remember that even though a trailer is efficient in transporting multiple pallets, it may not be able to get to the unloading points.


The choice of transport service is governed by distance. The road is the only transport service that can cover short distances. While the sea reigns supreme over long distances, it does not rule the roads. The rail is also better if it has more miles.

What is your supply chain?

Supply chains are not all created equal. One company might have different logistics goals than another. While some companies want to be competitive through price, others seek to offer fast delivery options to position themselves as a brand, and assume that customers will pay more for premium transport services.

Perhaps our supply chain is interested in offering highly customized and personalized products. This will change the nature of your logistics. For example, it seems obvious that a logistics chain that offers multiple versions of the same product will not be cost-effective.

Sending criteria

There are many variables that will influence the type of transport service we use. We will be closer to the worlds of ships and boats if we can transport liquids in bulk. Due to their weight, size, urgency, and cost, however, pharmaceutical and medical supplies can be more affordable than the costs of a plane.

The dimensions and weights of your materials will also determine whether you should send them in parcels, in full loads or in groupage. You can reserve truck meters to transport special dimensions.

Tips to choose a transportation service

These data are not the only ones that you need to consider. We offer some tips below to help you make the most of the transport ARK Cryo service that you use.


Do you consider multimodality when choosing your transport service? Multimodality can make certain journeys more efficient if you use multiple modes of transport. While it will take some effort to learn all the options, there may be ways to optimize your journeys using multiple modes of transportation.

Calculate your total cost

When we think about cost, we tend to focus on the budget of the carrier. This will leave out other important factors. Let’s take, for example, the possibility of a ship being delayed. What potential problems might a delay cause? What cost could we incur for the client in terms of image, lost business or sales? Are we required to store safety merchandise at a higher cost?

Be an expert in what you send

Expert refers to shipping and logistics. Most companies are already experts in their products, both in terms of the characteristics they offer to the customer and their market. We may not be as particular about how these products are brought to market.

What are the features of our products? Are they in the dangerous goods category? Which legislation applies to them? What legislation changes in every country I send to? What role does the warehouse play in the storage of merchandise? What could we do to optimize logistics? (increase the number of products per carton or pallet)

Last thought

Everything you learn about logistics will be of great benefit to you. Knowing when it’s convenient to call the express paleteria, or knowing when it will be profitable to wait until you have merchandise to load the truck (or how to find the middle point between speed and not waiting to fill the truck) is a great benefit.

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