How to Catch a Pair of Lots Correctly – God Made a Pair!

For professional players, double lottery is an extremely familiar form of playing lottery. But for new players, they will definitely still find this type quite strange and encounter many difficulties. Most players want to improve their lottery skills so they can win their bets. Below, New88 will share with new players more details about the double lottery.
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What is double lotteries?

Song is 2, double lotteries means 2 numbers, different from white numbers – 1 single number.

The main form of two lottery numbers is a pair of lots that players often use to play the lottery in each prize cycle. Double lotteries means pairs of numbers with the last two digits of known prizes on the lottery results table. For long-time players, these numbers are bet with similar amounts of money with the hope of hitting at least one digit and still making a profit.

Some people think that ‘Double lotteries’ are pairs of opposite numbers, but this understanding is still not completely accurate. In fact, every pair of lots that is completely cohesive can be selected to form a two-way lot.

For example: 15 – 51 or 15 – 57 are both “Double lottery numbers” if these numbers are chosen by the player to play in the same drawing period.

Easy method of playing lotteries – always win

We have compiled and presented the experiences of professional players clearly. Even if you are not a long-time and experienced player, you can use the method how to use bitcoin software  Play the lottery numbers below. These playing methods have been researched by experienced players and their effectiveness reaches 90%.

Silver memory is a method that is very commonly used by players. This method brings high results and is one of the ways of playing that has been around for a long time, used for many generations and improved according to the development of society.

According to this way of playing, the player must rely on the previous day’s numbers. Therefore, players consider and come up with the correct numbers to play the next day. You will consider the signs of double lotteries, mute lotteries, multi-flashing lotteries, etc. To catch this lotteries. Playing two-hand lotteries in the “remembering” way is widely used by players and the effectiveness it brings is high.

How to play the lottery depends on the total special prize

This method will add up all the digits of the special prize until there are 2 numbers left. For example, on January 1, 2021, when the special prize has the number 16357. When you add these numbers together, it will be 23. Now if you bet 23-32 the next day, there is a probability of winning the lottery. big. But there is another method: the player randomly chooses any number to play the lottery to increase the profit.

Play double lottery based on the first digit of the special prize

When players apply this way of playing, they must pay attention to the first digit of the special prize. Next, find all the numbers that add up to equal the first number of the prize. Players will choose a pretty nice string of numbers. Choose any 2 numbers the player wants to be in the sequence.

Use the frame for 3 days to increase the odds of winning the lottery. This way of playing is more appropriate than the way of playing in the Central and Southern regions. These ways of playing are still commonly used in the North. To make it easier to understand, we will learn about this way of playing in the North.

For an easy-to-understand example, the special prize on January 1, 2021 is 63441. The player will take the first number of the special prize which is 6. The player will find 2 numbers that add up to 6. The player creates The number sequence is as follows: 15, 42, 33. The player will choose 2 numbers that he likes and have a high winning rate and then raise them for 3 consecutive days.

While raising lots, players should pay attention and think about how to spend their money most effectively. If you apply the double lottery method based on the first number of the special prize, it will help you find the best numbers.
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Method of playing two-hand lotteries “cannons”

“Canal fruit” is used by quite a lot of players, it is classified as having good results. For that reason, in the “red and black” community, dual lottery players are very popular with everyone. This skill has been used to an expert level by quite a few players. The main element of this playing method is to look at the shape of the ball and then figure out how to play.

When using this playing method, players will arrange the prizes in vertical columns. Next, if you see the prize has 4 different numbers, this can be a sign of the winning number. At that time, the player quickly pairs THREE; AB, to hit the next day.

I will take out the lottery scoreboard and make an example: the lottery results of 3 consecutive days are: 38204; 52640; 11315. Players should apply this method and choose numbers 38 and 15 to raise within 3 days. The probability of this pair returning is very high. But if after 3 days the lottery pair still does not come back, then remove the lottery number and start again.

Advantages of double lotteries

This method is to choose the most beautiful numbers. This usage is currently one of the priority choices of “red and black” enthusiasts. Not a few players use it because safety is always guaranteed at the highest level. The double lottery method has many advantages, giving players the most number of wins, bringing themselves many large cash rewards. The following are the reasons why you will enjoy playing the lottery:

  • Safety: Players only need to play one number, you can choose to play cross lottery, then all numbers must win. Therefore, if you play the lottery with 2 numbers, the probability of winning will be high. And if the player has high luck and can get both numbers, the player will get a big income. Usually, if you recognize the correct ball, the probability of winning one of the two numbers will be high.
  • Limit the lottery to the opposite number: When using this way of playing, you can avoid the situation where the lottery number is its opposite. This is also the reason that causes many regrets for players who bet on approximate numbers. For example: the player guesses the number 67, and because he doesn’t want it to be reversed, he plays the number 76. And if the result is 76 twice, the player has won big. But on the contrary, if you play the lotteries with only one number, the player will lose.
  • Capital expenditure and profits are stable: The amount of money players have to spend will not lose too much. Because when playing the lottery, it was split into 2 different numbers. But if the player often wins the lottery, it can add up to very high profits over time.


The above article has shown the most effective lottery calculation methods that we want to share with players who love “red and black”. All of this is information that we crystallized from veteran and expert players in the industry. Hopefully this information will be able to help players in the method of catching double lotteries. Wishing you a safe return to shore with the useful shares in this article.

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