What happens if I fail the Citizenship Test?

To become a Canadian citizen, you must pass the Canadian Citizenship exam. The exam is open to anyone who meets the eligibility requirements to become a citizen of Canada.

After you have taken the Canadian citizenship test, your results will be available shortly. You will need to attend an interview with the officer after the test. This interview will be used to verify your citizenship application.

One question that may come to your mind is: What happens if I fail my Citizenship test? Let’s look at this blog to find out the answer.

What happens if I fail the Citizenship Test?

You can take another citizenship test if you fail the first one. This is usually within 4-8 weeks. Sometimes, the time frame can be longer. Let’s say you’ve passed the written test but not the other criteria. You can request a reschedule in such cases.

You might also be unable to attend the test. You can also write a letter explaining your reasons to the IRCC.

The IRCC will notify you to attend the hearing if someone fails the second test. During the hearing, you will need to meet with a citizenship officer.

The citizenship officer will assess your compliance with all requirements. The officer will:

  • Test your knowledge and responsibilities in Canada
  • Questions about your Canadian residency
  • Test your English and French language knowledge

While you might be applying for citizenship together with your family, the interview will be conducted separately. Unless you indicate that you want your file processed together, the IRCC may call you separately.

It is important that you send all applications together, and indicate whether your family should also be included.

What is included in a Citizenship Test Syllabus.

It’s a Canadian citizenship exam so you need to be as familiar as possible with Canada. There will be 20 questions regarding Canadian rights and responsibilities. There will also be questions about Canada’s history, geography, government, symbols and laws.

Many study guides are available on Canadian citizenship. The test does not assess English or French language proficiency.

What should you do after passing the test?

After passing the test you will need to attend an interview. If you have questions, the citizenship officers will provide you with test results. They will then check your French and English skills. Your age should not be less than 18 years.

They will then verify all your documents and applications. They have the right ask any questions regarding the application. They would however verify all citizenship requirements.

The citizenship officer will give you the date and time of the ceremony once you have passed the requirements. You might also receive an email or letter with the date and time of the ceremony.

Who can apply for citizenship?

It is easy to apply for Canadian citizenship. However, there are certain criteria you must meet to apply for citizenship.

  • Permanent residency
  • Canada residents who have lived in Canada for at least 3 years
  • Filled for tax (if necessary)
  • Pass the citizenship exam
  • Be able to speak the language

There might be additional or different requirements.

  • For anyone younger than 18
  • Adoption of a child born in another country
  • CAF member applying for a fast-track procedure
  • Application to get your citizenship back

What is the Cause of Your Ineligibility?

Only one category can result in your ineligibility. To commit an illegal act within or outside Canada is the only way to be ineligible. You will not be eligible for long-term visas in such cases.

Also, time spent in Canada would not include your probation, imprisonment, or parole time.

You can contact the lawyer or the officer who arrested to clarify if you fall within this category. You can also apply if you are no longer in this category. Eventually, the IRCC would approve your application.

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Final Verdict

You can find the complete article here. To pass the first test, it is best to get professional help or to practice online mock exams. Study guides can also be helpful for better results.

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