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Transforming Molecular Diagnostics with Magen Biotech’s IVD Kit

Magen Biotech is proud to offer an exceptional IVD Kit designed to revolutionize molecular diagnostics. Built on cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise, this kit provides a comprehensive solution for rapid DNA extraction from a wide range of clinical samples. With Magen Biotech’s IVD Kit, laboratories can obtain high-quality DNA suitable for various downstream applications, including PCR, quantitative PCR, Southern Blot, and viral DNA testing.

Innovative Silica Column Purification for Reliable Results

The IVD Kit from Magen Biotech harnesses the power of silica column purification to deliver reliable and consistent results. The process begins with the lysis and digestion of the sample using lysate and protease, releasing DNA into the lysate. The subsequent transfer to an adsorption column allows nucleic acids to be selectively adsorbed onto the membrane, while proteins and other impurities are removed through filtration. After thorough washing, the nucleic acid is finally eluted using a low-salt buffer. Through this innovative purification principle, Magen Biotech’s IVD Kit ensures the isolation of high-quality DNA, meeting the demanding requirements of diverse molecular diagnostic applications.

Empowering Versatile Applications in Molecular Diagnostics

Magen Biotech’s IVD Kit offers numerous advantages that contribute to its versatility and widespread application in molecular diagnostics. Laboratories can achieve excellent results and streamline their workflows thanks to the direct digestion approach employed by the kit. By eliminating the need for leukocyte separation, organic extraction, or ethanol precipitation, the IVD Kit minimizes time-consuming steps, accelerating the diagnostic process. Furthermore, the kit’s wide applicability allows it to handle various liquid samples, animal tissues, and cultured cells, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in different laboratory settings.


Magen Biotech’s IVD Kit is revolutionizing molecular diagnostics by providing laboratories with a powerful tool for high-quality DNA extraction. Leveraging the innovative silica column purification principle, this kit ensures reliable results and meets the stringent requirements of diverse downstream applications. With its simplicity, speed, and wide applicability, Magen Biotech’s IVD Kit empowers laboratories to unlock new possibilities in molecular diagnostics, driving advancements in healthcare and precision medicine. Trust in the excellence of Magen Biotech’s IVD Kit and embark on a journey of transformative molecular diagnostics.

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