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EvoTec Power’s Boat Alternator: Unleashing Efficiency on the Open Seas

EvoTec Power is revolutionizing the marine power generation industry with its TCM228 Series Marine Generator. Designed and developed independently by EvoTec Power, these compact and professional generators are specifically engineered for marine applications. With features such as complete waterproofing and high-efficiency performance, the TCM228 Series is the ideal choice for demanders in need of reliable power supply on their vessels.

Unmatched Waterproof Design

EvoTec Power’s TCM228 Series Marine Generator is built to withstand the challenges of marine environments. The primary alternator is coated with marine varnish, ensuring complete waterproofing. This innovative design feature guarantees the generator’s resilience against water exposure, making it suitable for a variety of vessels, including boats and ships. With the TCM228 Series, demanders can have peace of mind knowing their power source is protected, even in the harshest maritime conditions.

Compact Size, High Efficiency

Despite its compact size, the TCM228 Series embodies the hallmarks of EvoTec Power’s high-efficiency generators. These marine alternators are designed to provide exceptional operating efficiency and rapid response speed. The smaller footprint of the TCM228 Series does not compromise its ability to deliver reliable and consistent power supply. Whether it’s for propulsion systems or onboard equipment, these generators ensure optimal performance, allowing demanders to maximize power generation while minimizing space requirements.

Tailored for Marine Applications

The TCM228 Series is specifically engineered to cater to the unique power requirements of marine vessels. With a power range of 50-150kVA, these generators are well-suited to supply alternators for 150kVA marine gensets and other marine applications. EvoTec Power’s expertise in marine power generation is evident in the thoughtful design and performance capabilities of the TCM228 Series. Demanders can rely on these generators to meet the demanding power needs of their marine operations.

Independent Design and Development

EvoTec Power’s TCM228 Series represents the company’s commitment to independent design and development. With a dedicated research and development team, EvoTec Power has created an outboard motor alternator that meets the specific demands of the marine industry. By focusing on innovation and customization, EvoTec Power ensures that its boat alternators deliver superior performance, durability, and reliability, setting them apart from standard alternatives on the market.


EvoTec Power’s boat alternator, specifically the TCM228 Series Marine Generator, is the ultimate choice for demanders seeking efficient and reliable power supply on their vessels. With a complete waterproof design, high-efficiency performance, and tailored features for marine applications, these generators offer unmatched value and peace of mind. EvoTec Power’s dedication to independent design and development ensures that their boat alternators meet the unique demands of the maritime industry, making them the preferred choice for discerning demanders in need of reliable marine power generation.

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