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Empowering Efficiency with Short Distance LiDAR

Benewake, a pioneering force in LiDAR technology, presents the TFmini-S, an innovative short distance LiDAR ranging module that revolutionizes efficiency in various applications. With its low power consumption and high frame rate, the TFmini-S exemplifies Benewake’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that optimize performance and prolong LiDAR lifetime.

 Low Power Consumption, Extended Lifespan

The Benewake TFmini-S takes efficiency to a new level with its low power consumption mode. In this mode, the maximum power consumption drops below 100mW, significantly reducing the overall system power requirements. By minimizing power consumption, the TFmini-S not only lowers energy costs but also extends the LiDAR’s lifespan. This feature ensures that the module operates reliably and efficiently, making it a sustainable choice for long-term deployments.

 High Frame Rate, Uncompromised Precision

The TFmini-S doesn’t sacrifice performance for power efficiency. With its high frame rate capabilities, this short distance LiDAR module captures rapid movements with exceptional precision. The high frame rate ensures that even fast-paced scenarios are accurately measured, providing real-time data for critical applications. By maintaining uncompromised precision, the TFmini-S enables users to make informed decisions based on reliable and up-to-date information.


Benewake’s TFmini-S empowers efficiency by combining low power consumption with a high frame rate, setting a new standard in short distance LiDAR technology. The module’s low power consumption mode reduces system power requirements, minimizing energy costs and prolonging the LiDAR’s lifespan. Simultaneously, the high frame rate ensures that rapid movements are accurately captured, delivering precise and real-time data. Benewake’s TFmini-S is a sustainable and reliable choice for various applications, providing the efficiency and performance demanded by today’s industries. Embrace the power of the TFmini-S and unlock new levels of efficiency in your projects.

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