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Edan Hospital Vital Monitor: Pioneering Vital Monitoring with the Most Compact Design

Introducing the Edan Hospital Vital Monitor, iM3, a groundbreaking device that revolutionizes vital monitoring with its compact design and innovative features. With its sleek ultra-slim profile, large capacitive touch screen, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, the iM3 sets a new industry benchmark, offering unmatched convenience and performance.

Compact design redefining vital monitoring

The iM3 boasts an ultra-slim design that maximizes space efficiency without compromising functionality. Its compact form factor makes it an ideal addition to any medical environment, providing healthcare professionals with easy access to vital information while saving valuable workspace. The large capacitive touch screen enhances user interaction, allowing for seamless navigation and intuitive operation.

Comprehensive monitoring for enhanced patient care

Equipped with SpO2, NIBP, and Temp monitoring options, the iM3 caters to both continuous monitoring and spot check applications. Its advanced technology ensures accurate and reliable measurements, empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and deliver optimal patient care. The iM3 is a versatile tool that adapts to various clinical settings, supporting healthcare providers in diverse medical scenarios.


In conclusion, the Edan Hospital Vital Monitor, iM3, redefines vital monitoring with its compact design, intuitive interface, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Its ultra-slim profile and large touch screen enhance usability, while the range of monitoring options ensures accurate and reliable measurements. With the iM3, healthcare professionals can provide exceptional care and improve patient outcomes.

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